Owner of warehouse that caught fire near SAP Center Tuesday still a mystery

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The owner of a commercial warehouse near the SAP Center that sustained damage from a three-alarm fire on Tuesday has yet to be identified, a San Jose fire captain said.

Fire Capt. Daniel Vega was told that the city may have sold the property to Google but was later told that the city still owned it.

The fire was reported at 12:02 p.m. at the warehouse located near North Montgomery and West St. John streets, according to fire officials. Employees at the adjacent SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks hockey team, reported seeing flames, Vega said.

Firefighters had the blaze contained by 2 p.m. but were not able to go inside and check if anyone was in the building until it was under control around 4:10 p.m.

A hazardous materials team was called in when firefighters were alerted that chemicals were at the scene, but luckily the chemicals were not involved in the fire, Vega said.

He called the chemicals "not exceptionally hazardous" to those who responded, according to the testing the chemicals underwent during the afternoon.

Vega was not sure what time crews cleared the scene but said that they waited a little longer after they had the fire controlled because they anticipated a wall falling down, but it did not end up bowing.

The investigation into the fire's cause is ongoing, Vega said. The fire department has no leads at this time as to what could have sparked the flames.