Pacifica police tout 'Nail 'Em' app to report illegal fireworks

With day left until the Fourth of July, many people are rushing to buy safe and sane fireworks. Only 12 Bay Area cities allow these fireworks. Most cities prohibit fireworks all together.

Pacifica police are asking for the community's help to report illegal fireworks with a new app called “Nail ‘Em.” There are signs posted in Pacifica warning people that say if you "use illegal fireworks, smile you've been nailed."

Rachel Spetman has lived in Pacifica for 25 years and said the area is notorious for fireworks and it's only gotten worse.

“It is completely crazy,” said Spetman. “They are everywhere. They light them off days before and weeks afterward. They will go off in the middle of the night.”

“Oh these are safe and sane fireworks that you light in front of your driveway and enjoy the show,” said Larry Abunda of Pacifica.

Abunda spent $100 on fireworks for his 16-year-old son. He was one of dozens of people buying the safe and sane kind at this booth benefiting the Pacifica Youth Soccer League.

“I don't know if everyone is coming from the beach or what they are doing, but in the last hour and a half it's been way busier,” said Volunteer Corey Gunderson.

Booth volunteers said sparklers, pop-its and smoke balls are the most popular. Still, some people inquire about fire crackers and bottle rockets that are illegal.

“Basically anything that shoots up in the air is illegal,” said Gunderson.

Signs are posted along Highway 1 alerting violators could be fined $1,000.  Locals said police also set up a booking station at Linda Mar Beach to catch people. New this year, Pacifica Police are promoting the free app “Nail ‘Em." Community members can take photos, record the fireworks and note the location. Users can remain anonymous.

“It’s almost like East Oakland you see stuff happening in the air, you see all this stuff,” said Abunda. “It's kids having fun but it will come at an expense one of these days.”

Most people we spoke to weren't too familiar with the app but said they would download it.

“It’s a little ridiculous so I can see using that app to say it's over we're done,” said Spetman. “Just be respectful that you aren't the only human beings out here. There's other people out here too who are trying to live their lives.”

Pacifica Police said the public is using the app and they respond to incidents that are reported. So far, police not aware of any firework-related injuries this holiday weekend.