Palo Alto home burglarized 3 times in 3 years

A couple in Palo Alto says their home has been targeted by burglars three times since 2020.

They say the most recent crime took place last Thursday night at their home in the city's Crescent Park neighborhood. 

The wife told police she was horrified when she walked downstairs from her bedroom to find two masked men inside her home.

They ran out the door after she started screaming.

These break-ins are raising concerns among many people living in this neighborhood. 

"I’m very concerned about how many robberies we’ve had in our area in general," said a woman who asked to remain anonymous. 

She said that thieves are breaking in through back doors, or smashing doors.

There were two similar break-ins at this same home since 2021.

In each case, the thieves broke in through a locked back door.