Palo Alto seniors petition against 'depressing' paint color for apartment complex

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KTVU) - Some seniors in Palo Alto claim a new paint job at their apartment complex is making them depressed. They've even launched a petition against it.

The Sheridan Apartments in Palo Alto is undergoing a major facelift, with a $500,000 renovation that includes a fresh coat of paint. However, the new dark gray and blue palette is making some seniors who live there feel a bit blue.

"A prison," said senior Candy Filippini. "Someone told me let's dress orange and put the chains here."

Filippini is among the seniors who are fighting her new environment. She moved her Christmas tree outside to add color to her balcony. Nearly half of the 57 residents have signed a petition against the paint.

"It's not the pursuit of happiness here," said Filippini. "It's the pursuit to be sick."

Senior Marilyn Stebbins said the elderly see things differently.

"You start losing some of your abilities," said Stebbins. "When you see darkness all the time it makes you feel depressed."

"We were definitely disappointed and surprised," said Candice Gonzalez of the Palo Alto Housing Corporation.

The Palo Alto Housing Corporation that operates the affordable housing complex said it had a meeting prior where the seniors could choose between two palettes. Gonzalez said at least one senior has made cards celebrating the colors.

"No matter what colors we choose we aren't going to make everybody happy," said Gonzalez.

As a compromise, the nonprofit has lightened the walls in the patio areas asking the seniors to give it a chance. Still, Candy Filippini is hoping Home Depot or any company will come to the rescue and donate new paint.