Passengers face delays as BART undergoes more track repairs

For the third weekend in the past month thousands of BART passengers had to endure getting on and off bus bridges as they travel through Oakland.

It's all because of track repairs that BART says will start to pay off in a few weeks. But for many BART passengers Monday, the glass was half full.

"It's ok. I'm ok with it," said one passenger.

For others the glass was half empty.

"You wait longer than you have to wait. It's my birthday and I am not happy" said another passenger.

Like it or not.. BART riders have to take bus bridges between the West Oakland Station and the 19th Street Station over this three-day weekend.  Then get back on BART to finish their trip. There is also no train service between West Oakland and the Lake Merritt Station. 

The buses were there waiting. But even so,  trips took about 10-15 minutes longer than usual. Ambassadors were on hand to answer questions.

"We've been able to keep them happy and calm. As long as they know where they're going, they're good," said Brenda North of AC Transit who was helping direct people.

While passengers navigated the temporary inconvenience, workers were a mile or so away, up on the tracks doing what BART says are much needed repairs. Those repairs include new rails, new switches to shift trains between track sections and electrical work.

The improvements are being paid for by Measure RR,  the $3.5 billion transportation bond measure voters approved two years ago.

"Our customers will find it is quieter and smoother along that section. And they may not notice, and that's a good thing, that its more reliable. So we expect to have fewer breakdowns," said BART spokesman Jim Allison. 

Perhaps the biggest Bay Area event was the New York Yankees, Oakland A's game at the Coliseum Monday afternoon. Fans seemed to roll with it.

"We'd prefer not to. But we understand. To get improvements this type of things have to be done," said one fan.

"It's confusing. I'm confused. I'm just following," said his wife. 

 BART passengers will have to go through this one final time. The track repairs will resume and the bus bridges will return in about three weeks, on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd.