Petaluma man allegedly enters home and touches woman while she slept, police said

Petaluma police are searching for a man who reportedly entered a woman's home and touched her leg while she was sleeping early Friday morning. 

Officers received a 911 call around 3:32 a.m. from a woman who claimed that an unknown man came into her home in the 700 block of B street, lifted the bed covers off, and touched her leg, police said. 

The man ran away after the woman woke up and screamed, police wrote in a press release

Another woman who was living in the house told the police she did not see the man but was woken up by the screaming. 

It is not known how the man entered the house, police said, no car was seen or heard after the man escaped. 

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No valuable items were taken from the house, officials said. 

The man was described having broad shoulders, wearing a black baseball cap, black shirt, and black pants, according to the press release. 

Police are asking anyone in the area that has video surveillance systems to review their footage to see if anyone suspicious was captured on camera in the area. 

Residents are also encouraged to check that all windows and doors are property secured at night to prevent anyone from entering. 

Anyone who may have information or witnessed the incident should contact Detective Jake Gutierrez at 707-778-4532 or