PG&E bills expected to remain high with more cold weather on the way

You've probably seen your Pacific Gas & Electric bill jump in recent months. That will likely be the case again next month as cold weather continues. Some say their bills have doubled from month-to-month. The utility says bills are 32% higher compared to this time last year. 

In addition, PG&E said customer bills are about $79 more per month. They said the increase is also the result of the higher cost of natural gas.

Customers and advocates are demanding answerers. "It's been a very cold winter. Demand has been higher, usage is higher," said PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno. "Unfortunately on the supply end, supplies are bit tighter." 

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"It's not, just about the bill, it's about people and staying warm in 30-degree cold," said Timothy Allen. He said he recently had a $662 PG&E bill. 

PG&E said it charges customers the same rate it pays to natural gas suppliers. Critics such as The Utility Reform Network say PG&E should spread the high cost of natural gas over several months, especially since natural gas prices have been declining as of late.