PG&E fined $1.27M for failure to fix corroding pipes

PG&E received a $1.27 million fine and citation for failing to promptly fix problems with corrosion prevention systems in its natural gas pipelines, the California Public Utilities Commission announced on Friday.

PG&E moves power underground in plan to bury 10,000 miles

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is working on an ambitious project to bury thousands of miles of power lines in an effort to prevent igniting fires with its equipment and avoid shutting down electricity during hot and windy weather.

California utilities fined $22M over 2020 power shutoffs

California utilities will be fined more than $22 million for the “poor execution" of widespread power shutoffs two years ago that were designed to prevent devastating wildfires, the state's Public Utilities Commission announced Wednesday.

Corporate executives receive cyberwarfare warning from federal agencies

Multiple federal agencies issued a warning to corporate executives and their computer security departments. It says that an unnamed attacker has released malicious, invasive computer programs capable of gaining "full system access" to multiple industrial control systems, especially utility systems.

PG&E to pay $55 million to settle two wildfire cases

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. on Monday struck a $55 million settlement with six county prosecutors, which puts the beleaguered utility under five years of independent oversight and ends criminal probes into two wildfires.