PG&E urges judge to approve key settlement, faces resistance

The nation's largest utility faced fierce resistance at the court hearing from attorneys representing thousands of wildfire victims, PG&E bondholders who have proposed an alternative plan for salvaging the hobbled company and California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Lawmakers explore options for restructuring PG&E

The popular idea would take some serious work. In addition to the billions of dollars it would take to shore up infrastructure, the plan would require approval from state regulators and getting the utility to buy into the plan.

Thousands inconvenienced without power in Santa Rosa

Wednesday was a chilly night without power for some 6,000 Santa Rosa residents. The public safety power shutoff was curtailed several times, with Pacific Gas & Electric dropping west Sonoma County only hours before it was to go dark.

PG&E CEO says it wasn’t fully ready for California outages

Lawmakers wanted answers from Bill Johnson and executives from the state’s other two investor-owned utilities about the shutoffs last month that caused life-saving medication to spoil, businesses to lose money and communications networks to go dark.