PG&E customers lose power across Bay Area and Northern California

Thousands of PG&E customers in the Bay Area and other parts of Northern California started the new year without power.

The widespread outages were blamed on the heavy rain and strong winds that inflicted damage across the area over the holiday weekend. 

PG&E, the largest utility in California, shows clusters of power outages in the Bay Area and beyond on its website on Sunday morning.

Rio Vista in Solano County appeared to have the biggest disruption with at least 5,000 customers in the dark. But pockets of San Lorenzo, Orinda, and Walnut Creek were some of the other areas that were seriously affected, showing as many as 4,999 customers lost electricity.

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The problems were extensive north and east of Rio Vista in communities in Sacramento County and the foothills of the Sierra mountains.

The exact number of customers caught in the power outage was not yet available. The dry weather Sunday would help PG&E's crews as they tried to restore service to customers.

Click here to see PG&E's outage map and report a problem in your area.