Police arrest alleged package thief who resold items online

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KTVU) – Alameda Police have arrested a transient for allegedly stealing packages from porches, keeping the items in a storage unit, and trying to resell the items online.

Sgt. Erik Klaus said investigators found 41 stolen packages inside a storage unit at Central Self Storage in May.

John Paul Corpening, a 45-year-old transient, was arrested in on May 18 and is believed to be behind the thefts, according to Klaus.

A source gave police info that Corpening was allegedly keeping the stolen packages at the storage facility. Investigators found Corpening and the items when the searched a locker under his name. He was identified as the man who was caught on video stealing packages outside home on Bay Farm Island.

The thefts happened between March and May and included items such as electronics, clothes, costume jewelry, and toys.

A woman who did not want to be identified told KTVU her package was returned to her by police on Thursday. She said she had received an email stating the package had been delivered to her home, but when she arrived, it was not there. She was glad police made an arrest in the case.

Klaus said they believe Corpening was trying to resell the packages on Craigslist and EBay. In one case, a victim reported the last known location of packages as being left at the post office, but they somehow ended up in Corpening’s possession.

Police are in the process of returning the stolen property to the rightful owners.

Investigators have identified roughly 15 victims and they continue to search for more. Anyone who believes they may be a victim is asked to contact the Alameda Police Department.