Police cite drivers following large sideshow in Oakland

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Police reported the sideshow at 2:10 a.m. on social media. The sideshow took place in the area of High Street and Foothill Boulevard near Fremont High School.

Dozens of cars and hundreds of spectators took over the intersection on High Street leading to the I-880 on-ramp. 

There was a second location further up High Street outside of Foothill High School. 

The Exxon gas station was locked and only a security window was open to customers. Just after 2 a.m., a man in the station's surveillance video can be seen kicking through the glass door. The employee hits the security alarm, but several people rush into the store and start grabbing items. 

Nick Patel, the owner of the Exxon, says, "A few of the group members just broke the glass window and entered into the store. They robbed some chocolates and candies, but no injuries with the staff. They did not rob the cashier area."

The damage to the store will cost several thousand dollars. 

There were not any injuries reported and customers today were surprised to hear a sideshow came onto such a small intersection.

Mark Simmons says he accidentally attended a sideshow in another Oakland location.

He says, "On accident, I was walking by Foothill Square at 10pm sometime real late at night and saw all the smoke and heard cars revving. I walked up and there were 20 to 30 cars parked in the middle of the street."

The Oakland Police Department says it impounded 30 cars and issued 147 citations.