Police investigate East Oakland shooting that injured 4-year-old girl

That girl is expected to be ok.The shooting may have been related to an incident involving a paint ball gun. There was a paint ball gun on the ground at the shooting scene and sources told KTVU that a paint-ball shooting led to someone opening fire with a real gun.

A single Alameda County Sheriff's Department vehicle sat in the ambulance only parking at Oakland Children's Hospital after dropping off a 4-year old girl who had been shot in the torso. 

Within minutes, family arrived, clearly heartbroken. A man wearing a tank top told KTVU the little girl is his child.

Gunfire erupted around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon at 81st Avenue and Rudsdale Street. 

"Obviously something took place here. There's casings on the ground, so we know there was an incident took place here," said Oakland Police Lieutenant Arturo Bautista.

"We're still trying to piece this together, we don't know for certain. As of yet, we believe she was in the car, but we're still trying to work that out," said Bautista.

Sources told KTVU that the girl and her father were in a silver SUV when he shot at someone with a paintball gun. That gun was on the ground near where the SUV crashed into a tree. 

"We did receive information that there was some vehicles involved in paintball. Shooting off paint ball guns, so that is another thing we are looking at. That's another scenario that may fit into this," added Bautista.

That paint ball shooting apparently led to someone else opening fire with a real gun. In fact, a KTVU camera was rolling as the girl's father was taken into police custody outside the hospital, although it's unclear what the charges might be. 

The person who fired the shot that hit the 4-year old girl is still on the loose.

"This is one of those incidents that is just upsetting, and that we all should be upset about and do something about. I'm talking about the community. I'm talking about the city, the police department," explained Lt. Bautista.

At last report, the girl was in stable condition at the hospital, and she is expected to survive this horrifying ordeal.