Police lock down Kaiser in Union City, but find no man with gun

Union City police lock down Kaiser hospital after someone reported a man with a gun, which turned out to be unfounded. Jan. 22, 2019

Police asked people to stay away from the  Kaiser Hospital Tuesday morning after they thought there was a man outside with a gun.

The report was unfounded though, and the hospital lockdown lasted just about 30 minutes. 

The lockdown prompted Allison Weseman, 22, a patient at Kaiser, to call KTVU seeking information.  She said she was told employees told her the hospital was on lockdown and no one can leave the building. She said she can't exit and she needs to go to the lab. At 10:30 a.m., she called back to say the lockdown was over. 

Another person inside Kaiser told KTVU she saw a lot of police activity near the train tracks.