Police release video of dine & dash suspects who allegedly shot at restaurant employee

Walnut Creek police on Tuesday released video of two people who allegedly ‘dine & dashed’ at Modern China and then one of which, allegedly shot at a restaurant employee when confronted about it. Police are seeking their identities. 

The incident happened on Sunday night, Sept. 5 

Police said the two suspects – a man and a woman – dined together and left without paying. The woman left before the man. She got in a black Kia Optima with tinted windows and a damaged passenger side door. She pulled up to the front of the restaurant to pick up the male suspect. 

Police said an employee exited the restaurant and confronted the man, who then paid in cash. The suspect grabbed a gun from the passenger side of the vehicle and fired three shots, according to police. The woman was driving away and yelling for the accomplice to hurry up and get in the car so they could leave. 

Police said no one was shot or injured. 

Along with the video, police said the male was wearing a blue Dodger's hat, white T-shirt, blue jeans and an unknown tattoo on his left arm. He appears to have facial hair in the video. The woman with long brown or blonde hair also had an unknown tattoo on her upper-left arm. 

If you have information about who these people are, you are asked to call police detectives at (925)943-5899 x2405.