Police: Rohnert Park sisters may have been kidnapped by father

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SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KTVU) -- Concern is growing for two Sonoma County sisters, who police say were taken by their father, despite a restraining order against him.

"They will band together," their mother Kami Reep, told KTVU at her Rohnert Park home Thursday night. "I take some comfort in knowing that they have each other."

The children's father, she says, has been sober several years, but recently relapsed.

Now he is on the run, with an alert circulating among law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest.

Forty-five-year-old Everett Dean Reep is believed to be headed to his father's house in Washington state.

"When he's on drugs, he is extremely irrational, delusional, and paranoid," worried their mother, hoping that CHP will issue an Amber Alert to publicize her daughters' plight on electronic billboards.

Rohnert Park Police say Reep, an electrician, picked-up 9-year-old Alyssa and 11-year-old Kyra from their after school program Tuesday.

The Boys and Girls Club let them go with him because he had an order from a Mendocino County judge giving him emergency temporary custody.

Mom Kami says that order was a huge blunder by the judge, who failed to realize that a Sonoma County restraining order keeps Reep 100 yards away from the family.

She is also concerned because she says Reep has a history of erratic driving, and was recently arrested in Ukiah for obstructing an officer who pulled him over.

"He is a second strike felon so kidnapping will be his third strike," stated Kami, "and he's looking at life in prison at this point."

Reep has served prison time, she says, for making terrorist threats, false imprisonment and evading arrest.

"We definitely want to talk to him and get the kids home with their mother where they're supposed to be," Rohnert Park Police Commander Pat Strouse told KTVU. "Our main concern is the welfare and safety of the children."

Police have learned Reep and his daughters were stopped by an Oregon state trooper on Interstate-5 Wednesday evening, but because the officer was unaware anything was amiss, he let them travel on.

"We don't believe he's inclined to be violent toward the children," speculated Strouse, "he has been violent in the past but there's no indication he has intentions to harm his children."

As for the conflicting court orders from different counties?

"I'm sure those who issued him that custody order were not aware of the facts of the case," acknowledged Strouse, "and once they became aware, rescinded that order."

Kami Reep describes her daughters as smart and strong, but somewhat intimidated by their dad.

"He is their father, so they didn't feel the kind of fear they should but they knew something was wrong," she observed, "Kyra texted me at seven o clock Tuesday night and said 'am I allowed to text you mommy?'"

That was the last contact she had with either girl, and efforts to track them through their cell phones or iPads have failed, because their devices are disabled.

Thursday evening, Kyra's softball team played their game without her, but wearing tee shirts showing support for "number 10."

It was during a game last month, that Everett Reep threatened to break a coach's neck, leading to the restraining order against him.

"He's displayed numerous times that he's not all there," parent Shannon Howe told KTVU, "We've seen first-hand how out of control he can be, especially around kids."

When Reep was pulled over in Oregon, he was driving with the girls in a white 1998 Mercedes Benz E-320 with California license plate 4RIG229.

"He made a comment the other night to his father, that not even the President is going to take his girls from him, " worried Kami Reep aloud, "the mentality of 'if I can't have them, nobody can have them, maybe I'll just drive off this cliff.'"

She hopes her former husband doesn't do anything desperate, and that her daughters are returned safely soon.

"They're tough, they're going to make it through this, I know they will," said Kami sadly, "but it's a mother's worst nightmare, not knowing where your babies are."