Police search for fake stranded motorist

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Floyd County Police are searching for a motorist who pretended to be broken down on the side of a road Sunday afternoon in his effort to find a robbery victim.

It happened on Berwin Road a few miles east of Rome. Police said a father and his 2-year-old daughter were caught in the snare. Police said the dad spotted what he thought was a disabled car with a stranded motorist standing outside the vehicle.

Sgt. Rusty Williams said the assailant told the victim that he did not know anything about cars. He said a dangerous struggle ensued when the attacker demanded the man's wallet and the victim refused to surrender it.

Sgt. Williams said the victim realized he'd been shot after the attacker who was wearing a black UGA hoodie drove off and his daughter pointed to his dirty shirt.

Morrean and Ben Dillard live in a home near the crime scene. Mrs. Dillard said she was worried about safety around the area. The couple, who have been married 62 years, laments the loss of trust for people helping each other.

Mrs. Dillard said Ben used to hitchhike from Atlanta to Rome to visit her. Now she's fearful of trusting anyone at that level anymore.

Floyd County Police are trying to figure out if the man who lured someone off the side of the road is involved in other local robberies of four convenience stores.