Police searching for suspects following brutal attack in San Francisco's Chinatown

A shocking crime caught on video shows three men beaten up, one knocked to the ground apparently out cold, by a group of men who launched a violent attack.

The assaults happened over the weekend in San Francisco's Chinatown. District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin said that he's talked with police leadership and the district attorney elect and said police are looking to see if the same group of suspects is responsible for a Friday-night purse snatching in front of a bakery on Jackson Street.

Meantime, there is an increased police presence here in Portsmouth Square.

The amateur video shows the group of men knocking one man to the ground. He stops moving and is apparently unconscious.

Now police are looking for the men who raced away from the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

Peskin said the purse snatching was also captured on video.

"The car that the perpetrator appeared to jump into appears to be the same car that the individuals jumped into at this corner that was filmed from up above," said Peskin.

Peskin also provided new details about Saturday's Chinatown attack. The victims were three men ages 63, 67 and 68, and despite the violence of the attack, none of them was left with major injuries.

"I've seen the same video you have all seen," said Peskin. "How that individual who was roundhoused and his head seemed to have hit the curb did not suffer any profound injuries is a miracle."

Inside Portsmouth Square on Monday, community members led a silent meditation reflecting on the recent acts of violence. Supporters said attacks like this impact everyone who lives works and visits the city. "It doesn't matter which community and which part of the neighborhood, we are all targeted," said Jospehine Zhao.

Chinatown community members said many of the homes in the area are small, with no living room, so Portsmouth Square functions as a community space. But, this weekend’s attacks have left many feeling vulnerable.  

"They are worried, but where they can go? Because they live around here," said Wilma Pang "There's no living room, what happened, they may get scared but what can you do?"

Supervisor Peskin also said that police have video surveillance of both incidents and strong leads in this investigation. Peskin said this type of violence will not be tolerated in the city.