Police: Woman intentionally strikes numerous people with car at Union City Walmart

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Union City police are asking the public's help in their search for a woman suspected of intentionally striking numerous people in a Walmart parking lot with her car on Sunday. 

According to police, the bespectacled woman, wearing a gray sweatshirt with a yellow Batman logo, tried to return batteries at the Union City chain store at around 6 p.m. When she was apparently denied, she was said to have left the store "agitated". 

She entered her car, a 1998-2000 two-door silver Honda Accord, backed out of her space, nearly striking a family walking behind her vehicle. Police said there may be some damage to the front passenger door. 

She continued to back up, striking numerous people in the lot, narrowly missing a three-year-old and her mother, who were able to run out of the way. 

The suspect allegedly sped out of the parking lot causing panicked pedestrians to dodge the car. 

"The victims were actually saying that she was yelling and screaming inside her car and banging the steering wheel in anger," said Sgt. Steven Mendez with Union City Police. "Even though she knew she had hit somebody, she still reversed. What appeared to be on purpose and tried to get those people out of her way at all costs and that was extremely dangerous." 

"It makes me angry," said Aileen Rosanes, a Walmart customer. "If that was me walking...that's not really nice to do that."

"It was Walmart that didn't let you return something. it's a dumb reason to be mad and then injure a family," said Melanie Rosanes, a Union City resident. 

The suspect is described as a white female, 5' to 5'05", between 100 and 120 pounds. She was last seen wearing black leggings and Uggs style boots. 

Police say the woman could face five counts of assault with a deadly weapon even though no one was seriously injured. 

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect's whereabouts to call (510) 675-5207.