Protest at KTVU over use of inappropriate Nia Wilson photo

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Several dozen people protested outside KTVU Thursday, demanding action after the station aired an insensitive photo of a Nia Wilson, 18, who was killed earlier in the week. 

Wilson was stabbed to death on the MacArthur BART platform Sunday night while transferring trains. The suspect in her death, John Cowell, was arrested the next day and remains in jail. 

During KTVU’s coverage of the killing on Monday, the station aired a photo of Wilson holding a gun. The photo only aired for a few seconds, but quickly drew criticism from the community. 

“Putting that young sister up there with what is to be misinterpreted as a pistol and a gun, which automatically flips the narrative. We're dealing with a victim here. We're not dealing with a suspect,” said family spokesperson and Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B.

Approximately 60 people gathered at the station to protest and demand action. 

“[We wish] for someone to come out and be accountable for the displacement and defamation of character and we wish to impose agendas and policies that is a reflection of the community,” said Mistah F.A.B.

The station apologized on air and on Facebook for airing the photo, but many of the protesters said that wasn’t enough. 

“When we're in the hurting, when we're being victimized for us to be painted in that image it's an obvious disrespect. It's a slap in the face not only to the family but to millions of girls and young black people out here.”

The protest was peaceful and hosted by a group of Oakland artists. After they aired their grievances and installed an art installation to pay tribute to Wilson they left the area.