Racist flyers found on San Jose State University campus

San Jose State University officials say an investigation is underway into what has been described as racist and anti-immigrant flyers placed on campus. 

A non-profit with ties to white nationalism is claiming responsibility. The flyers were found on Aug 12 and university police immediately started an investigation.

"It really does cause alarm because like I said it's just so much hate going on nowadays," said Aurora Vaca, a junior accounting major at the university. "Like you're always on your feet, you're always on your toes because you're scared that something serious is going to happen."

The fall 2019 semester got off to an uneasy start after all university's 36,000 students were told hate material had been distributed on campus.
"We are a campus that wants to stay engaged about these issues rather than brushing them under the table," said Dr. Kathleen Wong(Lau), diversity chief at San Jose State University. 

She confirmed police and staffers found at least six flyers at three locations on campus 12 days ago. 

The flyers are from the "American Identity Movement" (AIM), which calls itself a non-profit activist fraternal organization. 

University officials say the organization has links to the white nationalist movement and that other campuses across the country had similar flyers distributed on the grounds. 

"Maybe there might be some racism I'm not sure. But that definitely shocks me as a student especially," said freshman, Richard Mbonu.

According to AIM's website, it's "Opposed to the demonization of and discrimination against America's White majority."  

The flyers were removed as it violates the school's time, place, and manner policy that regulates how information is distributed, not because