Rain causes mess on area roadways, tree falls on San Jose home

Pockets of heavy rain blanketed the Bay Area on Sunday, causing a mess on area roadways, while high winds brought some trees.

In San Jose, a homeowner faced a close call after a tree came down on his roof. 

"Fifteen minutes before this happened I was cleaning up the front yard. I had just covered the TV because it had rained. Fifteen minutes earlier I was standing exactly where it fell," said Joe Amato. 

He and his family had just finished a going away party for his son, who is going off to college. He noted if the tree had fallen on his family, it would have been "catastrophic." 

Wind gusts, some approaching 45 miles per hour, also downed trees in Point Reyes, and in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. In Santa Rosa, the wind caused a tree to fall onto a parked car. Santa Rosa Fire says no one was injured. 

Meantime, the slick conditions resulted in a number of accidents on Bay Area roads. 

A pickup truck overturned on U.S. Highway 101 near Petaluma, and just a few smiles south, another accident backed up traffic.

The rain also prompted concerns about potential flooding in Santa Rosa, particularly near area burn scars. At the Chase Ace in Bennett Valley hardware store, tarps, sand, and inflatable dams were all in high demand.

"We were just shocked to see how many people are coming in just days early, because at first we thought Sunday was going to be wet, and now it seems like it’s flowing into Wednesday, so yeah people are getting prepared for sure," said store manager Blake Riker.

The city has so far managed to dodge any major flooding during the storm, but firefighters continue to monitor area burn scars.