Raptors fan arrested after vulgar comment about Ayesha Curry on live TV

Ayesha and Stephen Curry at Homemade in Jack London Square. Photo: Cristina Rendon/KTVU

A Raptors fan has been arrested by Toronto police after saying he would "F**k (Ayesha Curry) right in the p**sy," during an interview on a live television broadcast, according to a report by TMZ.

The incident happened after the Warriors won game 2 in Toronto on June 2. 

A reporter from CP24 news in Canada was interviewing fans following the end of the game for fan reactions. That's when Tristan Warkentin, 28, stepped up to the mic and responded to the reporter's question. She asked him what it was like to be at the stadium for the game.

"The vibe was unreal and I just want to let everyone know Ayesha Curry we're gonna f**k her right in the p**sy," said Warkentin.

The reporter quickly apologized to TV viewers for the man's response.

According to the Toronto Police Service, Warkentin was arrested for criminal mischief since he knew his comments would air on live TV.

After the incident, Warkentin said he recieved death threats because of his comments.

He told the Toronto Sun he was under the influence of alcohol at the time, saying "to be honest I don't even remember being there but I am responsible for my own actions at the end of the day."

Warkentin says he plans to apologize to Ayesha Curry.

TMZ contributed to this report.