Real estate agent decorates homes with giant skeletons to drum up exposure

(Donna Kerr Real Estate/SWNS)

There's no place like home to rest your weary bones.

A real estate agent with a funny bone is celebrating the spooky season by decorating her company’s homes for sale with skeleton décor of all sizes to brighten up this gloomy year and attract attention to the listings.

Donna Kerr has been a real estate agent for 23 years, and felt compelled to do something special this Halloween to lift spirits amid the coronavirus pandemic, news agency South West News Service (SWNS) reports. Inspired, the Halloween enthusiast has gone all-out to bedeck her agency’s Washington, D.C., properties with dramatic décor for the month of October.


(Donna Kerr Real Estate/SWNS)

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“I think it’s like a bit of a breath of fresh air, a bright spot in constant heavy news of the day with COVID,” Kerr said of the silly stunt. “I just wanted to bring a smile to everyone that saw [the listings], the more smiles the better.”

Kerr’s slew of skeletons include the coveted 12-foot figures that became social media sensations and sold out at Home Depot in September.  


(Donna Kerr Real Estate/SWNS)

To haunt a home, the real estate agent and her team will spend hours decorating with small-sized skeletons from Kerr’s personal collection and the massive $300 monsters from Home Depot, to make the place pop.

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Posing the skeletons both inside and outside the homes, the festive figures are seen going about their daily business, from showering and drinking coffee to dancing in the living room.

“They take about two hours to pose … it’s really a fun way to get more exposure for clients and for the community to come out and see the skeletons as well,” Kerr explained.


(Donna Kerr Real Estate/SWNS)

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The agent added that she and her colleagues at the Donna Kerr Group are thrilled to help spread good cheer through the community this spooky season.

“It’s been amazing, people have really loved it,” Kerr said of the fun.

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