Recent mountain lion sightings leave some San Bruno residents skittish

Some neighbors say they're concerned after recent mountain lion sightings in San Bruno. 

They've been seen in parks and streets that are usually busy with cars and people. However, authorities say it's normal to see mountain lions around the Bay Area.

KTVU counted three incidents in San Bruno since last Friday, ranging from the area by Skyline College down to Linden Avenue-off of El Camino.

Some neighbors showed us videos of recent mountain lion sightings captured on people's Ring cameras. 

With the help of his son, Kiyo Fukuta says he saw a mountain lion coming out of San  Bruno City Park as he was driving to work around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Fukuta says the animal walked in front of his car. He was startled and slammed on his brakes to stop and that was the first time he's seen a mountain lion in the area. 

"It is scary to know because we have dogs but I feel like we're pretty safe," says Tony, Fukuta's son. 

Neighbors shared video dated March 30 from a sighting in nearby Pacifica.

Ken Paglia, spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, says these incidents are not cause for alarm.

"We do live in mountain lion territory," says Paglia, but that it's rare that a mountain lion would attack a human.

"It's often a young male mountain lion who's in search of territory or looking for a mate or it could be a mountain lion searching for food," says Paglia. 

One neighbor shared video of a mountain lion jumping over the fence by his front door in January in the Rollingwood neighborhood.

There was a similar sighting more than a year ago in the same area.

Paglia says mountain lions have been known to go after pets. 

He advises people to supervise their dogs and cats and be aware.

"It's always on the back of your mind. You never know where or when they'll pop up," says Martha Leong who says she keeps a close eye on her small dog, a Pomeranian.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District says more than half of California, including most of undeveloped San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, is prime mountain lion habitat.

Experts say if a mountain lion does attack, fight back.