San Francisco Zoo holds naming contest for new koala

The 2-year-old male arrived from the Los Angeles Zoo, where he was known as Flin. He gets to assume new identity in his new home, however, following the San Francisco Zoo's fundraising tradition of allowing donors to name new arrivals.

Sloth and alligator from Safari Encounters visit KTVU

Brandi Blue and Daniel Moore from Safari Encounters visited KTVU's Mornings on Two on Saturday, January 18, 2020. The organization is holding a fundraiser Sunday, January 26 in Rohnert Park. It will benefit wildlife in Australia following several weeks of wildfires.

Counting whales from space pitched as key to saving them

New England Aquarium of Boston and Draper of Cambridge say whale conservation needs new, higher-tech solutions to protect whales from extinction. So, the pair is working together using data from sources such as satellites, sonar and radar to keep a closer eye on how many whales are in the ocean.