Rescue-organization sets up fund-raiser for adorable half-pup

FORT WORTH, Texas (KTVU) - Bonsai may only have half his body, but this English Bulldog rescue-puppy will win over your whole heart.

Due to multiple deformities, Bonsai was born just half his spine, no pelvis and tiny contracted hind legs.

He’s also developed a condition known as Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, which spreads his little legs out, flattens his chest and leaves him unable to stand normally which puts a lot of pressure on his internal organs.

In June this little trooper underwent a bilateral amputation of both his useless hind-legs and is doing well.

The Fort Worth rescue organization, Friends of Emma, which has taken over care for Bonsai has set up a fundraiser collecting “Love, prayers, dollars, clicks and shares” for this special-pup.

You can find out more about Bonsai and Friends of Emma by visiting their fund-raising page and/or Facebook page.