Resident caught in crossfire between robbery suspects, store owner in Oakland

An innocent person was wounded in the crossfire of a shootout between robbery suspects and a business owner in Oakland Monday morning, police said.

According to the Oakland Police Department, around 10:00 a.m. officers responded to the 3300 block of Grand Avenue on a report of an armed robbery at a coin and jewelry store. 

Officers said the business owner told them two men armed with guns entered the store and demanded merchandise, authorities said. 

The men fled the scene on foot with the stolen items and the business owner chased after them, the department said in a press release. 

During the chase, about a block away, the suspects and owner exchanged gunfire and a stray bullet ented a home striking a resident inside. 

A spokesperson for the police department Johanna Watson said, "One of those rounds penetrated a residence and struck the resident inside, that resident is at a hospital recovering from gunshot wound listed in stable condition."

The suspects got away and dropped the bag of stolen items which the store owner was able to recover. 

Authorities haven't said which gun fired the shot that injured the victim.