Restaurant patrons, workers join in singing 'Amazing Grace' to Louisiana man dying of brain tumor

A man dying of a brain tumor in Louisiana was honored in his favorite restaurant by employees, friends, and family, who sang him ‘Amazing Grace’ on Sunday, July 26.

A veteran, husband, and father, Lyle Chauvin wanted to celebrate one of his last meals at the Little Big Cup, a cajun-style restaurant on a bayou in southern Louisiana.

Chauvin was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had suffered memory loss, restaurant owner Sanjay Maharaj told Storyful, so his family was ‘shocked’ when Chauvin remembered the Little Big Cup and said he wanted to come in for a meal.

At Sunday brunch, staff, friends, and family gathered together at the Arnaudville restaurant to sing Chauvin’s favorite song, ‘Amazing Grace,’ accompanied by a recording of the song by Peter Hollens and Home Free.

Maharaj said on Facebook that he was “simply honored” that a “little restaurant on the Bayou has become such a special place for so many.”