Riled up Ayesha Curry posts controvesial tweets following Game 6 loss

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The frustration of the Warriors' Game 6 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers was not limited to the team.

Stephen Curry's wife, Ayesha, has a strong following on social media.

She posted on Twitter Thursday night, "I've lost all respect, sorry this is absolutely rigged for money.. or ratings, not sure which. I won't be silent, just saw it live, sry. (sorry)

The tweet stayed up for about 15 minutes after the game, until she deleted it.

She followed that up with a couple of other messages.

"Tweeted in the heat of the moment, because the call was uncalled for," referring to the fouls picked up by her husband, which led him to throwing his mouth guard in frustration.


The mouth guard reportedly hit the son of a minority owner of the Cavaliers.

He was not hurt, and in fact, gave a high-five to Steph Curry.

Ayesha Curry also tweeted that it had been a long night, and that police racially profiled her father during the game, and he was almost arrested.


The NBA later announced it was a case of mistaken identity.

Arena security checked the credentials of Ayesha's father, because they thought he looked like a man who uses fake credentials to sneak into major sports events.