Rolling shootout in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood

San Francisco police are searching for two drivers involved in a rolling shootout in Russian Hill that happened on Mother's Day morning.

KTVU uncovered surveillance video that shows the high-speed gun battle taking place on Polk Street near Lombard at 9:30 a.m.

"I'm sitting watching TV, watching the car race. I hear these pop, pop, pop, pop, pops outside," said Michael Kelly, whose home security camera caught what appears to be a gray sedan being chased by a red compact car heading northbound. Kelly thought a car was backfiring but realized after reviewing his footage, it was a high speed chase.

"It's Mother's Day... 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday! That stuff doesn't go on around here, you know? But it was crazy."

Witnesses say they heard about a dozen gunshots, one of those bullets struck the windshield of a white Audi parked on the street. Police officers blocked off the street and found several more shell casings.

"I was only 60 feet away from, you know, when they went by," said Ivan Balarin, who has lived on the 2700 block of Polk Street for nearly 60 years. The shooting took place just two blocks from the notoriously crooked Lombard Street.

"It used to be a great elegant city and it's sad for me to say, but the city's turned out to be a piece of garbage," said Balarin.

In a close up shot, freeze-framed the video, one can actually see the outline of a gun from the driver's side window of the red car.

"It is very shocking and very upsetting," said Christine Murolo, who owns an apartment building on Polk and has lived in Russian Hill her whole life. "This is a beautiful neighborhood and our city, we cannot accept this behavior anymore, we don't want to invite it and we have to stop it immediately."

"I've been here 36 years and I've seen car accidents, kids get hit on bicycles, once in a while a car gets broken into, things like that, but that's the first time I've ever heard gunfire!" admitted Kelly.

No bystanders were hurt in the shooting.

Police continue to search for the suspects involved.