Sacramento: Black Lives Matter marks 6 months since Stephon Clark's death

A large crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a busy street in Sacramento on Tuesday to mark six months since police shot and killed 22-year-old Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man.

The protest was planned long before Monday's fatal shooting of a sheriff's deputy in Sacramento. 

"6 month anniversary...It's a slap in the face that they have not even attempted to apologize to me for killing my son," said Stephon's mother, Se'Quette Clark said. 

Along with several hundred protesters, Stephon Clark's family said they came to the California Peace Officers Association's Cops West event at the Convention Center to call for justice. 

"I just want people to be held accountable, I don`t think that`s too much to ask for you know?" Stevante Clark, Stephon's brother said. 

With the police convention coinciding with the anniversary of when police shot and killed Stephon in his grandmother's yard, Stevante said it feels like bad timing. 

"It does feel like a slap in the face, because I was planning to be at the grave site all day. But now I can`t do that because we have to stand in solidarity," he said. 

He adds that Tuesday's protest is not about what happened with Sheriff's Deputy Mark Stasyuk. 

"To hear the officer got shot yesterday, that hurts too. You know, we don't promote death, we don't want anyone to die," he said. 

Sacramento Police formed a barrier between the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group and others who came out to show support for law enforcement in the wake of Stasyuk's death. 

BLM organizers said they believe the other group came to support law enforcement after Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones asked them to. 

"I think that was unprofessional, and I think that he pulled a Donald Trump. He`s trying to incite violence," said Tanya Faison with BLM Sacramento. 

Later, protesters staged a 'die in', where they blocked J Street for about an hour. 

An officer's bullhorn could be heard saying, "I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly." 

There were tense moments as police gave several warnings that if protesters didn't get out of the street, officers would remove them by force.

Again the bullhorn could be heard, "If you do not disperse, you may be arrested, or subject to other less lethal devices." 

Eventually those blocking the street left their props behind. They marched on through downtown Sacramento blocking streets as they moved. 

'In Sacramento, this year alone, someone is getting killed by the police every 3 months, and so that`s a problem," BLM's Faison said. 

Protesters told KCRA in Sacramento that they wanted to send a message to other law enforcement at the police event that all officers will be held accountable for their actions. 

Meanwhile, Stevante Clark said he plans to meet with the mayor to ask for an update on his brother's case.