Sacramento business owners aren’t sure what to expect on Inauguration Day

California's state Capitol in Sacramento is stepping up security ahead of next week's presidential inauguration.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned of civil unrest and possible violence at capitals in every state as early as this weekend.

The National Guard is also on the way.

The Capitol's neighboring businesses and residents are worried about violence too.

"You have a sense of something looming," said Faith Walker as she took her daily walk around the Capitol. 

There is a mood of quiet tension according to people who live and work in the area.

There is an increasingly strong law enforcement presence that will include the National Guard and a highly visible fence surrounding the perimeter of the Capitol building.

They are preparation for possible civil unrest in the coming days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

"Uneasy. The possibility that something's going to happen but not knowing what," said Walker.

"The biggest concern is violence," said Special Agent in Charge Sean Ragan with FBI Sacramento.

He said the agency will ensure that people have the right to speak freely, but that violence will not be tolerated. 

"We are following up on all leads, on all indcators of individuals who may have been involved in violence or criminal activity," Ragan said. 

Just three blocks away in a commercial area known as Old Sacramento, the bright lights of a Ferris wheel signal new life as many merchants reopen for the first time this Friday night since the regional shutdown order last month.

But now, a possible new turn of events, such as protests, raises concerns.   

"We're worried about vandalism and break-ins," said Jennifer Canfield, owner of

Still, she's glad to be able to re-open for business.

"We'll be closed for the inauguration and we're not going to have a show next Thursday to kind of let everything settle down," said Canfield.

Street vendor Lukyisha Treadwell said she plans to be out selling her merchandise on Inauguration Day because she needs to make a living.

"I'm going to have pepper spray and I'm probably going to bring a couple of cousins here so I won't be here by myself," Treadwell said.

Others said they won't take a chance.

"I'm not sure what it's going to be like out here. Yeah, so for my safety, I'll stay inside," said Walker who lives near the Capitol. 

There is a pro-President Trump rally scheduled to be held at the state Capitol Sunday.

California Highway Patrol denied a permit for the event.

Sacramento Police told KTVU it is unclear whether the event will take place but that law enforcement is prepared.