Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff posts video of mountain lion outside his SF Pac Heights home

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It's not something you see everyday in the city: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff posted video showing a good-sized mountain lion strolling outside his home in San Francisco near the Presidio over the weekend. 

Since Benioff shared the video on YouTube and Twitter on Saturday morning, it's been viewed thousands of times. 

He posted it with the caption, "A San Francisco Mountain Lion just walked in front of my house," and he used the hashtags #trailhead and #AppyDF.

It so happens that the sighting came just ahead of this week's annual Dreamforce tech conference at the Moscone Center, and the mascot for Salesforce's AppExchange is a wildcat named "Appy."

The cat is one of the company's "Trailhead" characters used on the Dreamforce website.

Salesforce didn't miss the opportunity to view the mountain lion sighting as good fortune.

The company's AppExchange Twitter account retweeted the video, saying, "It’s a sign! It’s time for Appy’s first @Dreamforce."

San Francisco Animal Care and Control Executive Director Virginia Donohue told KTVU there was another mountain lion sighting in that same area on Saturday night.

Officers were dispatched but found nothing. 

They suspect it was the same big cat that was seen on Benioff's camera.

While rare, there are mountain lion sightings in the city from time to time. 

There was one confirmed last year and another confirmed sighting this year, according to Donohue. 

As for the mountain lion caught on Benioff's camera, "We suspect it came from somewhere down the Peninsula and made its way up to the Presidio," said Donohue. 

She recommends anyone who spots a mountain lion to immediately contact the city's animal care and control department.