San Francisco business leaders want cleaner, safer streets

A group of business, community and hospitality organizations in San Francisco say the city's problem with drug use and homelessness  is costing them valuable business. 

Those groups have now come together to form a political organization called "Clean and Safe 365."

Some of its members include SF Travel, the Chamber of Commerce and hotel and restaurant associations. Their goal in forming this new group  is to put pressure on mayoral candidates in the city's special election. 

Members of the group say they want San Francisco's next mayor to clean up city streets.

They say the problems of homeless encampments, such as people struggling with mental illness and drug use, are scaring away customers and tourists.

One of the members of the group is the executive director of the San Francisco Hotel Council. Kevin Carroll’s organization represents about 100 San Francisco hotels. Carroll said some of his members have been told by customers they aren't coming back because of the “aggression and aggressive behavior on our streets.”

The group is calling for more beat officers - an increased presence of police in business districts and better enforcement - when police see things like illegal drug use in public.
Members of this new coalition say they'll be looking at the mayoral candidates’ plans and positions as the special June election nears.