San Francisco General offering supplemental shots to those who received J&J vaccine

San Francisco General Hospital is now offering Pfizer and Moderna shots to anyone who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

Right now, most health experts are saying a booster shot is not needed, regardless of what vaccine you received. The World Health Organization is even asking for people to hold off getting boosters so that there is enough vaccine for poorer countries. 

And yet SF General is still offering them, but they're not calling them booster shots; they're calling them supplemental shots. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the hospital gave out more than 400 shots this week. 

San Francisco's Department of Public Health says the offer comes as many residents consulted with their own physicians and began making requests to the city. 

"I think the important thing is that right now we don't have conclusive data on additional shots beyond what the  CDC is recommending," said San Francisco Health Officer Dr. Grant Colfax. "But on consultation with infectious disease experts, we do believe this is safe and that we will accommodate people if they so request."

If you are a J&J recipient, you will need to consult a doctor first to see if this recommendation is good for you. If approved, the city is offering a supplemental shot at any of its city-run sites. 

Federal agencies are waiting for a booster shot plan from companies like Moderna and Pfizer and they expect to have that information by September. 

Moderna says its shots are about 93% effective for at least six months and a booster may be needed after that.