San Francisco mayor threatens to close Dolores Park if people don't follow social distancing rules

San Francisco Mayor London Breed warned that the city will close a popular park if people don't practice social distancing. 

During her daily briefing on Monday, Breed said over the weekend she noticed a large number of people at Dolores Park were carrying on as they would pre-COVID-19. 

"Dolores Park continues to be a real challenge because we know that on nice days that is the place to be for so many folks," Breed said. 

The mayor said she noticed people at the park were gathered in groups and were not maintaining six-feet apart from each other. 

"The fact is, we are all adults here and there is no reason we should have to send in any of our law enforcement or anyone to tell people what they should already be doing."

Over the next several days, the city will be monitoring activity at Dolores Park and if people don't limit close contact with each other, the park will be closed. 

"I want to be clear, this is the last thing I want to do. We know that people need fresh air. They want to be out. But if we continue to see that behavior become problematic at Dolores Park, it will no longer be available," Breed warned.