San Francisco named nation's most vegan-friendly city

San Francisco is the country's top vegan city, according to a new ranking by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released Thursday.

According to the list, San Francisco beat out Los Angeles, New York and Portland, Oregon, when it comes to offering vegan options everywhere from sports arenas to airports to a wide variety of restaurants around town. 

The city offers vegan food at Oracle Park, San Francisco International Airport and at dozens of dining establishments like Goldie's Vegan Deli, where patrons can order lox made of carrots, and Wildseed, which serves up beer alongside vegan dishes like mushroom "meatball" marsala and poke made of beats. 

"The number of American vegans grew by 600 percent in just three years, and the cities on PETA's list are meeting the skyrocketing demand for animal-friendly fare," said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

Detroit, Orlando, Dallas, Nashville, Washington, D.C., and Tulsa, Oklahoma rounded out the top 10.