San Francisco nuns who feed Tenderloin's homeless face eviction

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Skyrocketing rents in San Francisco could force the eviction of two nuns who feed homeless people in the Tenderloin. They’ve been warned to pay a $2,000 a month rent increase or leave.
"You say my God, what's happening," said Sister Marie Valerie.

For the past eight years the sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame have been feeding homeless people out of a tiny dining room on Turk Street.

"You get a lot of reward. The more you give to them. The more you get back to yourself," said Sister Marie.

Homeless people lined up outside the soup kitchen and filed in a few at a time over the course of two hours.

"At least three meals a week I depend on. These are the best meals I get. The sisters are the sisters. They're the best," said one homeless man.

But last month the sisters received a notice from their landlord. Their rent was being raised from about $3,500 a month to $5,500 a month.

The notice also said to pay the increase or face eviction.
"This is the kind of thanks we get from the owner?" said Sister Marie.

We did not hear back from the landlord, Nick Patel.
His attorney Michael Heath, said Patel was out of the country and would meet with the nuns when he returns later this week. Until then, the matter is on hold.

"We know nothing about that. Maybe they said it to you. But never to us," said Sister Marie.
The sisters, sleep in a room in the back, and survive financially on homemade pastries they sell at farmers markets and on donations.

Now they fear they are being priced out.

The sisters say if they are evicted they hope they can find a place nearby, where they can continue to feed lunch to the homeless.

People wishing to help the Fraternite Notre Dame can call them at 415-793-5686 or check their website at