San Francisco sheriff's deputy pleads not guilty to drunken rampage, agrees to alcohol monitoring

A San Francisco sheriff's deputy pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a list of felonies and misdemeanors connected to a drunken rampage at a party, including making threats, simple battery and sexual battery.

Dominic Barsetti was off-duty Thursday when he allegedly groped a 18-year-old woman and threatened to shoot people at a potluck. Police said he also swung a guitar, damaging property, including a tank containing a bearded dragon.

"They were in fear for their lives and they went running from their own house thinking they were going to get shot," said San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Eric Quandt.

According to the district attorney, officers later seized three handguns, several magazines of ammunition and an inert hand grenade from Barsetti's home.

"I think everybody knows, including the district attorney, that this whole thing was fueled by alcohol. The old demon rum raised its ugly head again. And apparently my client has had some issues in the past," said Barsetti's attorney Bill Fazio.

Fazio said the violence Barsetti showed was an "isolated incident" and it wouldn't happen again.

During Wednesday's arraignment, Barsetti was ordered to not have any contact with the four victims and to not have any weapons. He also isn't allowed to drink alcohol, and must wear a monitor to detect if he does. He is expected to be released immediately under these terms.

"It also motivates him not to drink because if he drinks they’ll know. He can’t say ‘No, I didn’t have anything to drink,’ the instrumentation tells you otherwise," Fazio said.

Barsetti is currently on administrative leave. His parents, including his father, a retired San Francisco police lieutenant, declined to comment.