San Francisco sheriff's deputy charged in drunken rampage, alleged sexual battery

Photos from San Francisco Sheriff's Deputy Dominic Barsetti's Facebook page show a man who enjoys hanging out with friends.

But now, Barsetti has been charged with a series of crimes for his conduct during a potluck at an apartment in San Francisco's Parkmerced neighborhood on Thursday night.

"What witnesses describe is a belligerent rampage,perhaps alcohol induced," said Eric Quandt, assistant district attorney.

Authorities say Barcetti, while drunk and off-duty, groped an 18-year-old woman at the gathering. After being confronted, police say he swung a guitar, ripping down a curtain, damaging a bookcase and scaring a reptile.

"He smashed this lizard tank that had a bearded dragon inside of it, probably endangering the needed dragon," Quandt said.

Authorities say Barsetti also threatened to get a gun from his collection and shoot everyone.

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"They were in fear for their lives and they went running from their own house, thinking they were going to get shot by this deputy," Quandt said.

San Francisco police say a search of Barsetti's home led to the seizure of three handguns, several magazines of ammunition, and an inert hand grenade.

His arraignment Tuesday was postponed. His family, including his father, who is a retired San Francisco police lieutenant, declined to comment.

Barsetti has been with the sheriff's office since 2018. He is now on administrative leave. He works at  one of the county jails.

Sheriff Paul Miyamoto told KTVU, "Obviously we all hold our staff to the highest standards. Being part of public safety and law enforcement, deputies adhere to a code of ethics."

The sheriff said he's withholding judgment for now.

"As usual, we always wait for a resolution on the criminal matters before we make any commentary ,and we'll follow up with our administrative investigation," Miyamoto said.

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KTVU legal analyst Michael Cardoza said, "Police officers are police officers 24 hours a day, and they are expected to conduct themselves appropriately.

Cardoza said the off-duty behavior, as alleged, is concerning.

"This type of conduct begs the question, what are you like when you're on duty? Are you this aggressive on duty?" Cardoza asked.

The deputy's attorney and the union representing deputies declined to comment Tuesday.