San Francisco teens watch as bear rummages through fridge at vacation home in Truckee

Two teenage boys from San Francisco said when they heard some rustling in the refrigerator after midnight on Saturday, they didn't think their mom would be aggressively opening up Tupperware at that hour.

Turns out the noise was coming from a 250-pound black bear raiding the fridge for taco meat and ice cream, KCRA reports. And surveillance video inside the Truckee home captured the animal in action. 

Hayes Sherman and Bobby Harden, both 15, kept their cool, even as they say the bear started barreling toward them.

Bobby tried to barricade the door and Hayes called the Placer County Sheriff's Office using his smartwatch and warned his mother, who was upstairs at the time.

"I said, ‘Mom, do not come downstairs. There is a bear in our house,'" Hayes said, according to KCRA. 

Minutes later, Deputy Allyson Prero arrived with a flashlight and shotgun in hand. She said she could see that the bear entered the house by using the unlocked door through the open garage. 

The deputy kicked open the front door and the bear made its way out that way, lingering for a moment until Prero fired off a warning bear round shot, prompting the furry beast to take off. 

According to the BEAR League, encounters like these are not rare in Tahoe. Executive Director Ann Bryant said bears enter up to 15 homes every day during the summer, usually because of unlocked doors and windows.

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.