San Francisco's concert venue approved

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San Francisco's Entertainment Commission on Tuesday night approved, an adult film studio in the old Armory building, to be used as a concert venue.'s studio is located at 14th and Mission. Now the company is allowed to branch out and turn the space into a 4,000 person capacity music venue.

Opponents are pushed back against the idea, saying that the Armory is already a magnet for loud gatherings and unruly activity. 

They worry that allowing late-night shows at the location would make the problem worse and bring other quality of life issues. 

Some neighbors have complained about loud, un-permitted parties and people hanging around the building late into the night.

They argue the pornography studio can't be trusted and say already this year, it has held several late might music events, some of them without permits.

The Entertainment Commission said that Kink would have to address two main issues on Tuesday night; including security and noise issues as part of their full entertainment permit. The permit allows the company to host concerts seven nights a week, and stay open until 2 a.m.

Supervisor Scott Wiener said he supports the plan to convert the Armory into a concert venue as long as it is done responsibly.

In a statement, told KTVU Fox 2 it has heard the feedback from neighbors and is working to make changes:

"Over the past three years, we have had about 50 events without incident, including fundraisers, theater events, festivals, big parties, and sporting events. After hearing from residents, we are working to further soundproof the building, employing additional security guards to manage people outside the armory, and adding clean-up crews to make sure the area around the armory remains pristine."

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Armory’s owner estimated it would take at least three months to retrofit the building to make it more soundproof. There won’t be any concerts before then.

The Armory has housed Kink since 2006. The venue hosted such acts such as the Chemical Brothers last year.