San Jose Sharks defeat the Colorado Avalanche in game 7, headed to the Western Conference Finals

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Cheers at the SAP Center in San Jose Wednesday night after the San Jose Sharks defeated the Colorado Avalanche in Game 7. Sharks won 3-2 and will now advance to the Western Conference Finals.

San Jose Sharks fans filed out of the SAP Center with pure jubilation on their faces. The Sharks quest for the Stanley Cup is still alive.

“It was awesome, another game 7 they pulled it off, couldn't believe it,” said Jeff Davis of San Jose. “I don't know if I can take one more game seven though.”

“It’s only been the second time since the franchise has made it on this far so this might be year we might go to the Stanley Cup,” said Heather Rock of San Jose. “It’s so very exciting.”

“It was great,” said Gina Torres of San Jose. “It was amazing, great to see Pavelski back.”

With the series tied three games apiece, it was win or go home for the San Jose Sharks as they hosted the Colorado Avalanche in Game 7 of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“It’s been a rollercoaster,” said Carlos Mejia of San Jose. “We got more energy than usual than other playoffs in the past. I feel like we are making that final push.”

Earlier in the day, fans voicing their excitement at the Shark Tank.

“The playoffs are just amazing, it's great to be here,” said Carolyn Vargas of Union City.

The Sharks have been to the playoffs many times before, so close to the Stanley Cup but never winning the coveted trophy.

“That’s what's so heartbreaking,” said James Vargas of Union City. “It makes me want to cry when they lose every year. It’s frustrating. I’m just waiting until they finally do win.”

Deciding game seven had early momentum. The Sharks welcoming Captain Joe Pavelski back on the ice. Many fans donning jersey number 8.

“He’s definitely a threat anytime he's on the ice,” said Nathan Fagliano of Sacramento. “It would be amazing. The fans would go absolutely berserk.”

“He’s not a captain, he's THE captain,” said Shelly Campbell of San Ramon.

Pavelski sidelined for the first six games of the series with a head injury from the last do or die game against the Vegas Golden Knights. His injury sparking an unforgettable comeback. The Sharks erasing a 3 to 0 lead.

“That was insane how we came back from that I don't think that will ever be replicated,” said Carlos Mejia of San Jose.

That game turning around the Sharks playoff hopes and was one of the defining moments in the team's 28-year history.

“There’s something magical happening this year and that's what I think is different from my perspective on previous years,” said Campbell.

Fair to say that Sharks magic worked. Fans said they're yearning for the Stanley Cup.

“This is our year, this is it we are going to do this,” said Mark Spencer of Fremont. “I can feel it.”

Sharks now have eight more wins to the Stanley Cup. The last and only time the team has made it to the Stanley Cup Finals was back in 2016.

Sharks will now play against the St. Louis Blues Saturday night at 5 p.m. at the SAP Center.