San Jose’s Happy Hollow welcomes newborn twin lemurs

Photo courtesy Curator Heather - Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

San Jose’s Happy Hollow Park & Zoo welcomed two newborn lemur pups this month and they are adorable.

"The birth of any newborn animal at the Zoo is cause for celebration, but the birth of an endangered species is momentous," said Kiersten McCormick, Happy Hollow’s General Manager.

Maki the lemur found in Daly City, returned safely to SF Zoo

Photo courtesy Zookeeper Brooke - Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

Black and white ruffed lemurs, native to Madagascar, are considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The pups made their debut April 16. Born to experienced parents; 7-year-old female Vintana and 19-year-old male, Nify, their sexes will be confirmed in veterinary exams in the coming weeks.

Photo courtesy Vet Tech Rachel - Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

The parent’s pairing is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Species Survival Plan program. Vintana and Nify’s relationship has yielded four offspring since 2018.

"Though their antics can be amusing, it’s important to remember that our Zoo animals are not here for entertainment purposes," said Happy Hollow Zoo Manager, Kevin Hertell. "Very few people will actually take their families to visit Madagascar, but when they see our lemurs up close — it makes them much more likely to want to protect their wild counterparts and habitats."

Photo courtesy Zookeeper Lily - Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

Vintana has access to a private den for bonding time with her pups, but officials said some lucky guests have caught glimpses of them as she’s been observed bringing them out in the main exhibit. 

Photo courtesy Vet Tech Rachel, Happy Hollow Zoo and Farms.

Everyone seems to be happy and healthy as officials said the pups appear to be alert and "on-track weight wise."

There will be a naming contest for the pups. Happy Hollow, part of San José’s Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services, will share details about the contest on their website and social media.