Maki the lemur found in Daly City, returned safely to SF Zoo

Daly City Police Officer Haas poses with Maki, the lemur who went missing on Wednesday from SF Zoo. (photo: Daly City police)

In an amazing ending to what could have been a horribly tragic story, Maki the lemur has been found in Daly City, police announced on social media Thursday evening.

The endangered and elderly animal was contained at Hope Lutheran Church after a witness reported seeing him by the playground area at around 5 p.m., San Francisco police said.

Maki, an endangered 21-year-old ring-tailed lemur has gone missing from San Francisco Zoo.

SFPD said a female witness on the unit block of San Fernando Way called 911 to report the missing animal. Daly City police, along with Animal Care and Control officers, captured and held Maki until San Francisco Zoo officials arrived to transport the lemur back to his home.

SFPD reported Maki was determined to be in good health. No arrest has been made in this case. The investigation remains active.

Earlier in the day San Francisco Zoo & Gardens announced a reward for information leading to the safe return of the 21-year-old ring-tailed lemur.

The reward was in the amount of $2,100 – equivalent to $100 for every year of Maki’s life. Police did not indicate if the witness collected the reward.  

Maki was discovered missing Wednesday morning from the Lipman Family Lemur Forest in the San Francisco Zoo, zoo officials said Wednesday.

Zoo officials late Wednesday night had no clues as to who may have broken into the zoo overnight and taken the lemur, the oldest (and slowest) of the zoo's lemurs.

Zoo officials say Maki requires special care, and is in danger if he does not receive it.

“We understand that lemurs are adorable animals, but Maki is a highly endangered animal that requires special care. We are asking the public for help in his return," said Dr. Jason Watters, Executive Vice President of Animal Behavior and Wellness.

San Francisco police are investigating the theft, and anyone who has any information that could help police as asked to call SFPD's 24 Hour Tip Line at 1 (415) 575-4444.