San Leandro burglars among those who pistol whipped man in SF

KTVU has learned that a group of burglars who broke into a home in San Leandro are among those who confronted and pistol-whipped a man at a home in San Francisco.

Surveillance video shows five men in hoodies and masks forcing their way into a home in San Leandro in broad daylight. 

“The suspects used a crowbar to go inside the house through the back door,” said San Leandro police Lt. Henderson.

It happened at about 12:30 p.m. Jan. 8 at a home on Margery Avenue. The residents were not home at the time.

Video shows the men rummaging through the house, as the alarm sounds. 

“They ransacked the house. They got a small amount of jewelry and a PlayStation and ultimately fled the area,” Henderson said.

Video shows the men running away and getting into a GMC Yukon XL that was last seen heading toward East 14th Street. 

San Leandro police say a second vehicle, an Infiniti M35, was also seen leaving the neighborhood.

Those same vehicles then pulled up less than an hour later at a home on Hanover Street in San Francisco's Crocker-Amazon neighborhood.

The men, masked and armed with guns with extended magazines, confronted a man near a Ferrari in an open garage. They pistol-whipped him and stole a large amount of cash.

“We looked at that video and immediately noticed that these suspects were the same as the ones who committed our crime on Margery Avenue,” Henderson said.

Some of the robbers have been arrested. San Leandro and San Francisco police are working together to identify and find the others.

“These crimes are regional. Just because the one's committed in one city like San Francisco doesn't mean that within an hour, they won't be in ours, in San Leandro,” Henderson said.

And police say they believe the robbers have had plenty of experience.

“This is definitely not their first, in my opinion, just the sheer way they approached that back door of the residence on Mrgery, how they were crouched, they're not new to this game,” Henderson said.

Jennifer Logan, who lives on Margery Avenue, said, “It's really scary, because you know it's pretty considerably safe around here. We are actually going to be getting cameras installed very soon, especially after seeing that, so it's something to worry about.”