San Rafael bank robber arrested

San Rafael bank robbery suspect arrested 

San Rafael police arrested a bank robbery suspect who was well-dressed and eluded them Friday following a robbery at a WestAmerica Bank, police said today.

The robbery was reported at 9:39 a.m. at the WestAmerica Bank at 1 Mitchell Blvd. where the suspect Cedric Ray Vincent allegedly walked in, handed a note to the teller and fled with cash.

At about 11:30 a.m. Saturday, police were checking businesses to see if any were selling alcohol to minors when they were tipped off to a possible drug deal, police said.

Officers stopped and talked to three suspects in a parking lot and one of them looked like the person who robbed the bank, based on a video surveillance photo.

That person was Vincent, 21 of San Rafael, who was apparently on parole for robbery, according to police.

Vincent agreed to go to the Police Department for questioning and was arrested for bank robbery.

He allegedly was carrying money used as bait in the alcohol sting operation.

Officers released the two other people with Vincent. In the robbery, Vincent allegedly wore a white shirt, dark brown dress pants, black shoes and a dark tie.He also allegedly had on black-framed glasses and a dark, possibly, blue double-breasted peacoat, police said.

No weapons were used to threaten the teller or anyone else in the bank and no weapons were mentioned by the suspect.