Seats to see Warriors in NBA finals at home start at $450

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - NBA Finals tickets go on pre-sale Friday morning. The starting price for upper seats is $450. Lower floor tickets start at $875, and that's buying them directly through the Warriors.

"You're going to see prices that are gonna make your eyes pop out," exclaimed sport business consultant, Andy Dolich. "Because people are going to go, 'I don't care what the price is. I need the most expensive ticket just so I can tell everybody I paid some ungodly fee.'"

Dolich is a former executive with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Athletics and Golden State Warriors. "The Warriors have transformed themselves for a team that's kind of a shrug the shoulders franchise, to a team that everybody loves."

That translates to greater appeal and greater ticket prices. "Tickets will go for many thousands of bucks, without doubt," Dolich said. "The fact that there's a week (before the first game) for people to get ready, I think you're going to see prices go through the roof!" On Thursday evening, secondary broker sites were already listing NBA Finals tickets for nearly $700.

We asked Warriors fans at Thursday night's Oakland A's game if they would, or could pay minimum $450 for a ticket.

"Geez! That's insane," Kevin Pokorney said holding his $15 A's ticket. "That would be pretty much an entire month's worth of bills, at least." Melissa Manchi balked, "That's more than I paid for Britney Spears!"

The Warriors have the best record in the NBA. The team has sold out 131 consecutive games at Oracle Arena. "This is the first year I've actually gone to no games," Manchi said. "I'm like their lucky charm. I'm going to continue to not go and they're going to continue to win!"

Pre-sales for season ticket holders starts at 9 a.m. Friday. Ticket sales open to the general public at 4 p.m., if there are tickets left to sell.