Sex offender arrested for inappropriately touching students

A registered sex offender was arrested Wednesday by San Rafael police after he walked onto a high school campus and allegedly sexually assaulted two students, police and a school official said.

Police said a call came in from Terra Linda High School about 7:30 a.m about an unknown man roaming the campus and talking to students. 

Officers said the man followed one student into a hallway. 

"He was simply walking around campus, talking to students and staff acting kind of weird. They weren't sure what his intentions were," said San Rafael Police Lieutenant Dan Fink. 

The student notified a teacher, who escorted the man to the administration office. 

To prevent the man from accessing other areas of the campus, classroom doors were locked and the man was escorted off the campus, authorities said. 

It was after he left, that police arrived and learned about some troubling behavior. 

"After he was escorted off campus, we found out that he had inappropriately touched at least two people," Fink said. 

Police said the suspect groped a student's bottom and followed another girl. It was also reported that he put his arm around a teacher as she escorted him to the office. 

School officials gave police a thorough description of the man and he was tracked down in about 45 minutes in the 1200 block of Lincoln Avenue. 

The man, identified as 39-year-old Willie Jones of San Rafael, was brought back to the police station for questioning and subsequently arrested, police said.

Jones is a registered sex offender because of a previous child annoyance conviction.