SF D.A. candidates call on mayor to appoint election winner immediately

Candidates for San Francisco District Attorney, who have been crying foul since the Mayor London Breed appointed an interim D.A., are now calling on her to appoint the next District Attorney as soon as possible.

On the steps of San Francisco's Hall of Justice, candidates for San Francisco District Attorney are calling for a little justice for themselves.

Chesa Boudin and Leif Dautch have said mayor london breed appointing one of the candidates in the running, Suzy Loftus, to the position of interim DA was unfair.

The candidates standing together, called on the mayor to install a new District Attorney as soon as next Wednesday.

"We're calling on Mayor Breed to appoint the duly elected District Attorney as soon as a winner is chosen next week," said candidate Leif Dautch. 

"This is a call to respect the will of the voters, today and every day as soon as possible," said candidate Boudin.

Candidate Nancy Tung agreed that Loftus' appointment gives the interim DA a platform and possibly an advantage, but she stopped short of joining her fellow candidates, saying she's focusing on the issues.

"I respect their decision to do that, but really the office should be apolitical," said candidate Tung.

The mayor's office has responded, sending a statement reading, “If someone besides Suzy Loftus is elected District Attorney, we will work on a transition plan with that person that best serves the District Attorney’s Office and the City.”

Suzy Loftus' campaign also issued a statement that said, "Suzy is focused on the job she has now, and focused on earning the support of voters."

The election is on Tuesday, one recent poll showed that as many as 40% of San Franciscans had not made up their mind about who to back in the race for San Francisco District Attorney.